Thursday, March 21, 2019

Zombie Radio

It is said that there is a ship that sails in almost all oceans of the world and can never dock. Seafarers who meet this ship when sailing will get a disaster. It is said that the encounter with this ship resulted in the sailors getting a curse. And one way to avoid misfortune if you happen to bump into this haunted ship is to install a horseshoe on the ship's mast. That is the Flying Dutchman Ship.

The one who drives the ship may be an amateur captain or still an apprentice so that he can't even pull over to anchor. The ship crew also didn't have great sailing experience.

Some days I have a new hobby. Old hobbies that are recurring precisely. I used to love one of the radios in this city. All day long I was always with the ladies and gentlemen of the radio broadcasters. He is my single too. He is in the studio, I am in the shop.

On the radio, we can communicate with other listeners. Request songs, send greetings by air and share information. Almost all young people in this city are very familiar with radio channels, including the announcers. Especially the poet who has many fans. But I don't belong to their fans. Why? Soon I finally learned that the radio broadcasters were one batch of one campus but different faculties. And finally, he joined a KKN team.

It is said that if the work on the radio is really a dream. Popular! So one of my friends had participated in an audition to be an announcer there. But that was once ... Everything changed after Android attacked!

Yup! After I used an Android cellphone, I forgot the hobby of hearing the radio. My level of exposure immediately dropped with an update level that increased. Since then my hobby has changed to read the latest news and info online. Indeed this is not an achievement. Ordinary. I don't know any more about the radio and the fanatical community of listeners.


Now I am deciding not to extend this cellphone package. As a result, today I feel lonely. So back to the old hobby. Radiant radio. Besides blogging, of course.

But dear one thousand times dear. Like the Flying Dutchman, the most popular radio in the city is like without a captain. Air without direction.

I've never seen this radio all day long with the voice of the announcer. The only music that bursts into the listening room without stopping. Crowded but empty. Actually, the radio is affiliated with the regional government. So the management is under Diskominfo and it is claimed that this radio broadcasts 24 hours without stopping.

Radio Zombie!

Without broadcasters but able to light up 24 hours without stopping. There are also milling advertisements. Who is the controller? T virus? There are no more chattering spoiled by the broadcasters. There's no more cruel jokes, bro. No more content requests. No more greetings in the air. No more togetherness ...

Realizing one of the facts above makes me worry in asking, will the radio be extinct amidst the invasion of portable devices connected to the internet? The internet is the main resource. Can internet radio replace conventional radio and repeat its popularity?

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