Tuesday, March 19, 2019

My Father Is Still Popular In England


At this age, I have just discovered a unique reality in my father's name. A paradox. 

My father is named Nasir. As a Sumando in the Minang tribe, father is always called by his title, not his real name. Every adult male is indeed called according to the title inherited according to the father's line. So later I and all my brothers will inherit my father's title. As a result, the father's name is rarely heard in all corners of the village. The community called him by calling Sidi or Palo Mudo (Head of Youth). This fact I call Paradox A. 

Of course, the calling of the title is more often expressed by women as a form of customary respect. Whereas in community life father is more often called Palo Mudo because of his closeness with young people. And the designation is only owned by a man in each village and cannot be inherited. This means that I will not be called Palo Mudo later because as a nomad, I am not active in the lives of people in the village. 

It's fun for those who become Palo Mudo to be popular in the community. Without a salary or honor, a Palo Mudo will always be invited in any activities, deliberations, festivals and other events with special services. That means it's just different. For example, the departure was picked up, returned home. 

Once again this reality made my father's name unknown in the village. It's nothing because indeed, as I said at the beginning, men are called based on titles. 

Then what if their titles are the same? 

Good question! It is not impossible to find a group of men gathered at a moment. For example when there is a village meeting. Of course, there are those with the same degree present there. The way to call them is to mention their names after the title. For example, Sidi Riyan has an opinion for this discussion? 

Contrary to the first reality that made my father's name paradoxical, his name was well known abroad. Especially in European and American countries. 

The Caucasians certainly will not call based on the title to father. And as long as they still use English as a communication tool during that time the father's name will always be called throughout the country. 

Yes, sir! 

Thank you, sir! 

Hello sir. Can I help you? 

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