Sunday, March 24, 2019

I am Popular!

How does it feel to be a popular person or famous? His presence is always awaited, the action is always awaited. The media crews always swarm. Fun times 

I was really curious about someone. It is said that in this world there are 6 or 7 people whose faces are similar to ours and I want to know who to use is one of them who is similar to me. Does he also live in this city? 

How not, I have experienced strange incidents of strange times where I often find people smiling at me for no reason, calling me when I am not an acquaintance and inviting but not a friend. I do not mean arrogant bin arrogant. In fact, I'm really confused. Who am I, who are they? Why do those people behave like me? 

Actually I don't mind what they do. It's just that I'm confused, I ask myself this. Who am I? Don't tell me they're wrong people !!! 

When they met a smile, I also automatically returned a smile. The rest muttered to himself, who is he? I try to remember even though this brain can't work instantly. The hypothesis is always the same as usual, lest he was wrong, thinking I was his friend. 

The thing I'm more afraid of is when they invite me to chat. Seriously sometimes they chat without square off. I am dumbfounded that I know nothing is supposed to be someone they know. I have to say what to do with conversation? 

I am only an ordinary employee at a company.I migrated to this city a few years ago and finished college at one of the colleges. I do not participate in any organization or be active in political parties. I have never participated in casting or big screen films. I have never written a book or scientific journal (other than a thesis course). I can't sing and never appear on stage. My college is only used up on the campus-market-home-campus-market-home scheme. Yes, while studying, I worked as a shop assistant on the market. So how could I suddenly become a popular person? 

The answer is only one, my face is market !!! 

Yes there are one or more people whose faces are similar to mine in this city. So at the beginning I said, I was very curious about him. I am ready to hunt down and reveal his identity as many parties hunt for the identity of Mother Daughter. 

Or could it be that those people were just pretending to be aliases or lying to know me?Why try it. What are they after me? In the past, the imam of the prayer month of Ramadan who greeted and greeted me also lied. Obviously he wants to discuss something important. But I am sure he also mistakenly knows me, aka someone wrong like the others. 

Now the instructions became clearer after yesterday evening I met another one of the "victims" who thought I was an acquaintance.At that time I "ran away" from the office and asr prayer in the Nurul Iman mosque near the office. Towards the iqamat prayers in congregation preparing to take place, one of the middle-aged fathers greeted me. With a smile he asked, "Are you his sister Ning huh?" 

Duh ... someone else is wrong 

"Ning ... Not sir" I answered without looking at him. I wiped my glasses. 

"That's why, Ning who has a D ** S restaurant"

"Hah ... not sir" I replied, shaking my head repeatedly. 

Maybe Ning is a woman and I don't have an older sister. I have a brother who works at one of the hotels in this city. We both wander independently here. Indeed, my brother's name is almost similar to Ning's, but he's not a girl, and doesn't have any restaurants :) 

Is this the answer to all this weirdness all this time? The popular person known throughout the city and said to be similar to me is the sister of the restaurant owner in this city. Ahaaa ... 

Hmmm ... it's fun times like Ning. I can bully everyone. 

"Are you huh !!!" 

"How dare you hah !!!" 

"My sister Ning !!!!!"

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