Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Choosing a Day of the Day

I believe that the Pariaman people actually do not know the predictions of a good day. A kind of primbon, fengshui, zodiac and all kinds of other astrological sciences.

Whatever the day, it's all good. Not caring about the intentions carried out, spending days for a good day is rare.

In the case of my friend who is going to be applied tonight, this is certainly not about looking for good. The two families solely gathered to negotiate consensus. Bulky Kato nan. About choosing a good day, I'll be beautiful.

So that the day when the wedding is held will not "disturb" others. Does not collide with other events. So that all blessings for the bride and groom are maximized - including gifts and envelopes. Lamak in the crew of Katuju in Urang.

So in babaua which is part of the ring exchange procession (fiance), the two families who will unite are sitting in negotiations with all elements of society. Because here the affairs of marriage are not merely the family business of the two brides but all of the community. So it will appear there Head of Village, Head of Hamlet as an element of administration, Palo Mudo, the village bachelors who are ready for care, mothers who move swiftly in the kitchen. Everyone is busy, happy too.

So awesome in the village. Still thick and radical. Syarak said adaik mamakai.

Usually alek day (marriage) is not so long after the ring exchange event. Especially if the rainy season like now, tends to be closer. If there's already alek, then another alek appears. Sued. Especially if the brides are a friend. They will follow marriage. Barakallah!

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