Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Baralek Dream


For everybody's dream, Mining rasa-feeble is Baralek Gadang that can be held up to 7 days in a row. Too utopian and generalists? It could be. Even high officials and nobles in the Mining area have rarely even refused to hold events during that time. 

Including me.
Although not from the jet set or the family of officials, even though it is sponsored though I'm reluctant to baralek when I get married.
To be honest, do you think there is a sense of laziness and hardship when accepting baralek invitations? The thoughts on envelope money, gifts and even opportunities to present make you look forward to "saving yourself" from the arrival of a frog rang who invites. Just say it.
That's one of the reasons I do not want to be barred or paralyzed.

Are we married so many people so busy?

Simply put, I want to be simple. Enough everyone comes, enjoy the banquet then pray for, give it a blessing.
Without needing to bring envelopes containing sheets of money, gifts, wearing new clothes beautifully, bothering to dress up to look so cute to have to go to the salon. Also, search for a single person or a girl.
The dream was a marriage contract on Friday morning in the mosque. Entertain people after returning to Jumatan. Closed by praying together at home after Maghrib prayer.
The first thing that matters most is self-evaluation. Improve yourself to be worthy of a soul mate, of course not just a soul mate. But good matchmaking. Because of your soul mate, your reflection.

Barakallah ...

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