Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kata Bijak Nan Bertuah Untuk Mudah Move On

The sweetest revenge is success. Take all that pent-up energy and channel it into your career.

There’s no happiness to be found in comparing yourself to your ex’s new love, so don’t torture yourself by looking.

There’s only one you, and there’s someone out there who will want you and no one else

You can talk and talk and talk and it won’t change anything. At a certain point, all you’re doing is rehashing bad memories. Sometimes it’s time to stop talking and take positive actions towards moving on instead.

Don’t be “friends” just because you feel like you have to be. If you’re not getting anything positive from a friendship, cut those ties.

No one is worth losing sight of who you are for. It’s time to reclaim yourself from your former twosome

Stop waiting for the person you’ve decided is your romantic lead to get their shit together, and start looking for something real. Life doesn’t follow film plots, and sometimes all you need is someone sweet who makes you laugh rather than a James Dean wannabe.

Maybe it doesn’t feel like it right now, but that day will come and leave you wondering what you ever saw in them.

cewek cantik

Ilustrasi: Instagram/@aom_sushar

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